Commercial Pest Control Services

Your home is often considered to be your biggest lifetime investment. However, if you own a business, you know how critical it is to protect this investment - essentially your livelihood - from pests and rodents!

From building a positive reputation to increasing your revenue, your customers are at the heart of what you do. Preventing pest infestations and practicing proper pest control in your business should be an important part of the outstanding service you provide. The sooner you address a pest problem, the sooner you can rid your business of a more serious pest infestation. Pestlink Pest Control professionals provide the experience and expertise needed to protect your business, employees, customers, and revenue from pest threats.

Pestlink uses an integrated approach to solve every nature of your pest problem through our highly trained, experienced and certified technicians using the latest and environmentally friendly techniques.

We offer service monthly, Bi-weekly, weekly, one-time service and other flexible plans for property management companies, multi-unit buildings, public sector organizations, restaurants, hospitality industry, warehouses, daycares and senior home centers for all kind of pest control needs.


$40 /Month
  • Pricing starts at $40 per month for restaurants, food store, retail outlet, daycares and senior centers.A final price will be determined by the area of the facility and severity of pest problem through an onsite inspection.
  • Service frequency may be increased to weakly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the findings from the onsite inspection.


$60-$75 /TREATMENT
  • Bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas and crawling insects one time preventive treatment.
  • $60(1 Bed apt.)/treatment
  • $70(2 Beds apt.)/treatment
  • $75(3 Beds apt.)/treatment
  • To get rid of heavy infestation with warranty we offer 3 treatments at starting price $140. If problem still persist we offer remediation with no extra cost.