Bedbugs Control

Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout North America and Edmonton is no exception. Bedbugs are everywhere these days. They are even found in some of the most prestigious hotels, that is why it is imperative you always check the BedBug history before booking your stay in Canada. These reddish-brown, flat insects hide during the day and come out during the night to feast on our blood are spreading very rapidly. Though the bedbugs are not known to spread diseases, their bites themselves are a problem.

The signs of the presence of bedbugs are their bites on the skin which are red in color and are normally in the form of clusters of 2 or 3. The person being bitten doesn't feel the bites as bed bugs inject an anesthetic material in the skin before feeding on the blood. Black color spots on seams of mattresses, boxes, and frames and blood spots on bed sheets, pillows and mattresses are an indication of their presence. The best time to look for the bedbugs is early morning.

At Pestlink use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach after thoroughly reviewing the history, life cycle and extent of your bedbug’s problem and use the techniques which are most suited to your situation. Our highly experienced team of certified and licensed pest control professionals will get rid of your bedbug’s problem

Facts about pest control.

  • Before a bedbug feeds for the first time, it is only a 1⁄4 inch long and difficult to see.
  • After the bedbug feeds, it plumps and becomes a dark red bloated insect.
  • Bedbugs can lay up to 200 eggs in their lifetime, and adults are up to 10 millimeters in length.
  • Eggs from bedbugs hatch quickly, taking only six to 17 days to complete the cycle.
  • Bedbugs can distribute two to four eggs per day, and these eggs are stuck to surfaces around your home and in your mattress.
  • Known to survive without blood meal– Nymphs 3 months– Adults up to a yearBites from bedbugs are not always apparent and might take as long as two weeks to appear.
  • Bedbugs have an increased resistance to pesticides, so DIY treatments rarely work.
  • Bedbugs feed on the blood of their host (human or pet) at night, but they can still bite and feed during the day. They prefer humans because animals’ fur serves as a barrier.

Pestlink​ has effective pest management techniques that eliminate bed bugs from your
home or commercial property.