Mice Control

Whether you have seen small them running around your home or have found droppings, both mice and rats can create health problems for those living in your home. Out of different species of mice, House Mice are the most common problem in the residential and commercial facilities. Mice is a year-round the problem but generally, get worse inside the houses when it starts getting cold outside in fall and winter and it is a shortage of food source and uncomfortable environment outside.

As mice can squeeze in through a pen size hole it could be gap around wires, plumbing pipes or electrical line entry points where they got in. Open garage door or torn weather stripping on the garage door could also invite them in. The signs of their presence are mice running around especially during the night, scratching noise in walls or
ceilings and black color droppings.

Mice breed very fast as they can have 9-10 litters in a year having 5-8 pups in each litter. So if the problem is overlooked or delayed to handle, it might get worse in a few months. When we have a problem for a while we might expect them in any part of the house, under the kitchen sink, behind dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator, drop ceiling, cold room, electrical panel, garage, furnace room, and attic are few to

Mice problem in the home or commercial facility is not only a nuisance but also a health risk as they can infect our food with their droppings and urine and can transmit disease in a number of ways including biting and carrying disease-causing organism as Salmonella. Health issues associated with mice include Salmonella (a cause of food poisoning), tapeworms,, infectious jaundice, fungus disease, and house mites dermatitis. Deer mice cause Hantavirus.

Pestlink have a guaranteed solution for your mice problem whether it is a home, commercial and industrial. We integrate different mice control techniques in a highly safe manner including mice proofing, habitat modification, and physical and chemical methods after analyzing nature and extent of your problem and keeping in mind the factors like presence of kids and pets in and around premises.