Wasps Control

Whether these are wasps going in the brick walls, sidings or soffits, carpenter bees drilling holes in the decks, sheds and poles, bumble bees nesting in the ground or hornet nest on the tree or around the house we are specialists to handle all these situations. Wasps are one of the most unwanted pests that can disrupt your family and home. Hornets and yellow jackets are two wasp species that typically display aggressive behavior, meaning they’ll attack your family and pets on instinct.

Unlike bees that feed off pollen and are vital for the survival of many crops, plants, and flowers, wasps feed off other insects and common foods found around your home and yard. Yellowjackets can feed off fruit, sugary drinks, and insects, thereby making them a pest that will be constantly attracted to common items around your property, especially where human activity is frequent.

Don’t let wasps bother you and contact the PESTLINK.