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Our Pest Control Services

At Pestlink, we understand the importance of a pest-free environment in your home or business. Unwanted pests can disrupt your peace of mind and damage property. That’s where our expert pest control services come into play. We’re dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of your space, and we offer a wide range of comprehensive pest control solutions to suit your specific needs.

Residential Pest Control  

We know that your home is your sanctuary, and you want to keep it free from pests. Our residential pest control services are tailored to protect your family and your property. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden infestation or want preventive measures, our experienced team is here to help. We handle everything from common household pests to more challenging issues, ensuring your peace of mind.

Commercial Pest Control 

Pest problems in a commercial setting can be detrimental to your business’s reputation and operations. Pestlink’s commercial pest control services are designed to keep your workplace, restaurant, retail space, or industrial facility pest-free. We offer customized solutions, including regular inspections and preventive measures, to protect your business from any pest-related disruptions.

Bed Bug Extermination 

Bed bugs can be a nightmare to deal with, but Pestlink has the expertise to eliminate them effectively. Our bed bug extermination services focus on complete eradication, so you can sleep soundly again. We use safe and proven methods to ensure these pesky insects are gone for good.

Rodent Control

Rodents can carry diseases and cause significant damage to your property. Our rodent control services are aimed at removing and preventing these unwanted visitors. We employ humane and efficient techniques to ensure your space is rodent-free.

Ant and Insect Control 

Ants and other insects can quickly become a nuisance, especially during certain seasons. Pestlink offers ant and insect control services to address these problems. We use environmentally friendly methods to get rid of these intruders while keeping your surroundings safe.

Wildlife Control 

Wildlife intrusions, such as raccoons, squirrels, or skunks, can be a challenge to handle on your own. Our wildlife control services are designed to safely remove these animals from your property and relocate them to a more suitable environment.

Emergency Services 

Pest problems can sometimes be urgent. If you’re facing a pest emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pestlink. Our team is ready to respond promptly and provide the necessary emergency services to safeguard your home or business.

At Pestlink, we take pride in our commitment to using safe and effective pest control methods, and we continuously update our techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering top-quality service and ensuring your satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how Pestlink can help you achieve a pest-free environment. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Visit our services page for more information on each specific service or call us today to discuss your pest control needs.

Cockroach Control

The best way to get rid of cockroaches includes a complete treatment process with three basic steps: sanitation/preparation, application of insecticides, and progress monitoring.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug control should address sanitation / preparation, insecticide application, and exclusion or blockage measures like mattress covers and interceptors.

Mice Control

If traps and/or poison baits are not used adequately and in a timely manner, a mice infestation can grow rapidly, once this happens, even rodent control experts will have a more difficult time getting rid of the mice.

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Mosquitoes are the bane of outdoor weddings, barbecues, and bonfires across the world.

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The ants come marching one by one. Take action if you see any ants or else more will come.

hornet, bee, insect-146377.jpg


Wasps thrive in dry heat and can nest almost anywhere. Stop wasps before they spread!

nicobar pigeon, pigeon, bird-317853.jpg


Pigeons can make a real mess out of properties if left unchecked.

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Get an expert to remove spiders to eliminate the problem all at once.


Cluster flies gather in large groups in warm structures for hibernation and swarm when they wake up.

Commercial Pest Control

We prevent and eliminate insects and vermin from occupying your commercial/industrial property in Edmonton plus

We prevent and eliminate insects and vermin from occupying your commercial/industrial property in Edmonton plus surrounding areas and keep them away for good.

Residential Pest control

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